There are several reasons why we are experiencing a renewed interest in the area. I will summarize them in point Why is TBL so hot? So are the West Bolton, Sutton, Potton areas but to a slightly lesser degree. There form as each reason can generate discussion. Millennials – these purchasers make up approximately 70%

2018, march 01

I am not sure that many of you are aware of this but in an article published on August 2, 2016, by the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards (available via according to CMHC only 1.3% of buyers are foreigners and half of them are from the United States and France. They go further

2017, october 12

From the Québec federation of real estate boards: Outlook for the 2015 Residential Real Estate Market in Québec: Increase in Sales and Relative Price Stability   Due primarily to historically low mortgage rates, the real estate market in Québec in 2015 will remain conducive to the purchase of a home. A slight improvement in the

2015, february 14